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Restaurant Turenki Station - The Tsar's Station

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Tue-Fri 11-14 
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In summer also on sunday

Just an hour's leisurely train or car ride away from Helsinki city centre, lies Turenki Station, the oldest train station in Finland.

Designed by the renowned architect Carl Albert Edelfelt (father of Albert Edelfelt, arguably the most famous painter of the Golden Age of Finnish art), the picturesque Turenki Station is located the middle of the Helsinki Countryside and surrounded by some of the finest country manors of Southern Finland. Built by an imperial degree from Czar Alexander II of Russia in 1862, the Turenki Station is also a significant landmark of Finnish history as a Russian Grand Duchy.

The meticulously restored Station is worth the visit just for its architecture and historic details. The hands-own owners (the Station Master and Mistress) are delighted to tell you about the history of the station and can entertain you with stories about mid-19th century travel in Finland. With their expert guidance, you can get acquainted with the rich architectural details and historic furnishings of the Edelfelt Station

Our restaurant combines the finest imperial Russian cuisine with touches of Finnish-Swedish manor culture in a unique way to create a memorable experience for our guests.

Our menu features local ingredients and the best seasonal products from the pure Finnish fields, forests, and lakes – including the best locally sourced fish, meat, produce, mushrooms, and berries. Our carefully prepared and presented dishes combine the best of traditional recipes with modern super foods and updated cooking methods devised by the Station Mistress herself.

Our signature desserts such as Rye Cake with Finnish Buckthorns and Cranberries complement the superb meals.

The seasonally changing menus for 2014 are built around local nature and themes. The inspiration comes from sites like Lauri Springs, where pagans were baptized during medieval times, or from Hiidenjoki (literally the Devil's River) where a Viking king once died in fierce battle but the day was saved by his resourceful wife who rallied the demoralized troops by taking his place.

The Turenki Station experience is also about meeting genuine people. The Station Master and Mistress have travelled all over the world in their previous careers, yet remain deeply rooted in their home soil. They would like to share with you not only the food and history of 19th century imperial Finland but also their deep devotion to the land and Finnish countryside.

We are privileged to be protecting this precious part of Finnish history to generations to come. Please visit us to experience it for yourself!

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